Meet Our Staff

JudithG. Rapoza, CMA, , Practice Administrator

Judith G. Rapoza, CMA Practice Administrator

MeganTabicas, , Front Office Manager

Megan Tabicas Front Office Manager

Terry Ferland, RN, , Clinical Manager

Terry Ferland, RN Clinical Manager

Our Clinical Staff

Taylor - Kim - Susie - Sue, ,

Taylor - Kim - Susie - Sue

Mary - Muriel - Stacy, ,

Mary - Muriel - Stacy

Catia - Mary - Nicole - Rita, ,

Catia - Mary - Nicole - Rita

Debi, RN, Lactation Consultant, , Asst. Clinical Supervisor

Debi, RN, Lactation Consultant Asst. Clinical Supervisor

Jennifer, , Referral Coordinator

Jennifer Referral Coordinator

May, LPN, , Lactation Consultant

May, LPN Lactation Consultant

Lisa, LPN, , Nursing Coordinator

Lisa, LPN Nursing Coordinator

Kim, LPN, ,

Kim, LPN

Nicole, LPN, ,

Nicole, LPN

Tammy, LPN, ,

Tammy, LPN

Paulette, LPN, ,

Paulette, LPN

Sue, LPN, ,

Sue, LPN

Taylor and Megan, , Scribes

Taylor and Megan Scribes

Our Billing Staff

Charlotte, , Billing Supervisor

Charlotte Billing Supervisor

Connie, , Account Coordinator

Connie Account Coordinator

MaryBeth - Monica - Valerie - Jody, ,

MaryBeth - Monica - Valerie - Jody

Our Front Staff

Irene and Judy, , Front Desk

Irene and Judy Front Desk

Michelle, , Appointment Coordinator

Michelle Appointment Coordinator

Brenda, , Appointment Coordinator

Brenda Appointment Coordinator

Paula, , Medical Records

Paula Medical Records

Jennifer, , Medical Receptionist

Jennifer Medical Receptionist

Paula and Kayla, ,

Paula and Kayla

Our Lab Staff

Kathi, MLT, , Lab Supervisor

Kathi, MLT Lab Supervisor

Tania, , Phlebotomist

Tania Phlebotomist

Our Allergy Office Staff

Heidi, , Medical Assistant

Heidi Medical Assistant